How to go from home owner to first time property investor

Web Class: The Strategies You NEED to Know to Become a First Time Property Investor

If you have owned your home for a few years, investing in property may have crossed your mind. But where do you start? There is so much information... one minute the market is hot... the next it is cold. Lenders are lending... oops now they're getting stricter...

In this web class, I will show you...

... how many Australians REALLY invest in property (Hint: the answer may shock you)

... the #1 overlooked wealth building opportunity that everyone overlooks

... what you need to do to be 'investment ready'

... the strategy that some first time investors use to get into the market despite having minimal savings

... how to start your portfolio without restrict yourself to eating baked beans on toast for the rest of your life

... plus much more

BONUS: For every registration, we provide 7 days worth of grain seeds to nourish children in Africa.

Web class Date:

May 31

web class Time:

11:00 am

Webinar Host:

Shane Black

CEO & Founder, Pearl Finance Group

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