Calculators - Pearl Financial


Borrowing Power

Calculate how much you could potentially borrow.​

Loan Comparison

Compare two loans to find out which one will save you the most.

Extra Repayments

Calculate how much extra repayments will save you over the life of the loan. 

Home Loan Offset Account Calculator

Holding money in offset? Calculate how much interest you will save by holding your savings in an offset account. 

How Long To Repay

Calculate how long it will take to repay your home loan based on your regular repayments.

Income Tax Calculator

Calculate how much tax your would approximately pay based on your income. 

Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate how much your repayments will be based on the loan amount. 

Property Buying Costs

Calculate the approximate buying costs of buying a property in your state or territory.

Property Selling Costs

Calculate the approximate selling costs of buying a property in your state or territory.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate the approximate stamp duty based on where you are purchasing your property.

Rent vs Buy

Compare the financial implications of renting vs buying.

Mortgage Switching

Compare the total savings from switching your mortgage.